AfricLaw and 2014

Although there have been no new posts in the first two months of the year 2014, AfricLaw remains committed to providing space for the discussion of issues of substance, forming of opinions and information sharing among people living on the continent. AfricLaw still strives to serve as a platform for Africans who are in the diaspora and anyone else who is interested to share their thoughts and opinions on the rule and the role of law in AfricLaw. And also to serve as a vehicle for comments on legal developments in the rest of the world.

We hope your contributions and continued participation will ensure that AfricLaw remains a point of reference for issues concerning human rights in Africa. We hope that such contributions will continue to educate, inform and motivate others on the continent.

Our first article for the year 2014 addresses a very controversial move by the Ugandan government, to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Act into force. We hope this article will set the tone for all subsequent contributions, and will incite an informed discussion on the interpretation of human rights across the African continent.

Contributions from: academics, students, researchers, international and national civil servants, legislators, politicians, legal practitioners and judges are encouraged and welcome on the blog;

Thank you for your patience, understanding and contributions. We are looking forward to more insightful and interesting publications and a successful year.

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