Contributions for publication on this blog are invited. AfricLaw strives to publish at least one new article per month.

The contributions should not exceed 800 words and should be forwarded to References should not be included in the text but relevant links may be given.

Please add the following:

  • a brief biographical paragraph;
  •  your title, qualifications, and the name and place of the institution to which you are attached;
  • a recent head and shoulders photograph to accompany your contribution.

2 Comments on “Contribute”

  1. Brenda-Grace says:

    AU should at the moment be held responsible for the development of the African Court until it can stand on its own otherwise the Court will take long to stand.Its very important that all the African states get to realise the use and importance of the Court for their citezens.The AU has to advocate and encourage its member states to ratify the provisions in the statutes and to ask states to sensitize citizens to know the use of the this new court for their own good,forinstance Art 34 which provides for individuals to have the chances to bring up their cases to the court.

    I belive in this matter there are very few people who know about it and most states may be afraid of advocating and ratifying this Artical for fear of their security.This is the court which will bring justice to the citizens and an end to inhuman abuses and corruption before the court is able to handle issues of international levels like war crimes genocides and many other.

    We have to climb a tree from the bottom and that needs a push like parents best friends etc for which AU is the gaurdian to this court.

    PS:Uganda is one of those country that han not ratified article 34 of the African Court of human right.May I urge fellow Ugandans to advocate for the ratification of this article.Its very important for citezins to know where to turn when their human rights are abused which I am sure is happening.

  2. Fatuma Ali says:

    Hello there!
    I have recently concluded my LLM and currently not attached to any institution. I am eligible to contribute.
    Kindly advise me on this regard.

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