AfricLaw: Almost two years later

Four months shy from its second year, AfricLaw continues to remain a point of reference for issues concerning the rule and role of law in Africa. This would not have been possible had in not been for submissions from 16 different countries, spanning across 3 continents, addressing issues ranging from prisoners’ rights, taxation methods in Africa, to the right to education – all in an effort to create a dialogue and to foster an interest on matters that affect Africa.

AfricLaw, as launched by the Centre for Human Rights and the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa, would like to extend a word of thanks to all contributors, visitors to the blogs, and those who have interacted with the blog one way or another. All your contributions are invaluable and we trust you will continue to support AfricLaw in the future.


We furthermore wish to extend an invitation for further contributions to students, academics, researchers, international and national civil servants, legislators and politicians, legal practitioners and judges.

AfricLaw wishes you a peaceful year-end holiday and we hope to ‘see’ you next year when posting will resume (note that contributions are still welcome throughout the holidays).

– AfricLaw Editorial Team

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